XENIA is an Annual Technical Fiesta organized by PICT CSI Student Branch, formerly known as Enthusia. It is a three-day technical fest where bright minds all around participate to compete amongst themselves. XENIA emphasizes technical events while also bringing you the opportunity of participating in various ingenious non-technical events.

24 to 27 June, 2021


3000 +

The Event consisted of


Ninja Coding

Design Maestro

MineCraft Build Battles

Xenathon (Mini Hackathon)


Innoveiren (Project Presentation)

Data Cup

Campus To Corporate

Snap Hunt

The Gift of Gab

Game Zone

Dream Team

Shark Tank

Couch Potato


You're Hired! The Ultimate Guide to Placements

New Age Digital Banking Technology and Rapid Development - Social Media Banking

Learn Everything About Building Minimum Viable Product


Self Awareness through Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Future of Software Development and How to be Industry-ready

Journey to Cloud with Containerisation

Cloud Computing 2.0: Embracing Kubernetes

Shutter Speed (Photography Contest)

A Tale to Tell (The Gift of Gab Wild Card)

CodeStrike: Wild Card


Engineer's Day 2020

The main aim of the event was to make all the students of the college aware about the Ongoing innovations and projects .Students from third and fourth year along with a teacher guardian are working in many different domains and in several innovative projects. PICT CSI awarded these remarkable projects with a virtual Engineers Ring as a token of appreciation.

15 September, 2020


100 +

Sudocode Edition-1 2020

The main aim of the event was to conduct a competitive coding competition among students from different colleges which would test the logic, coding and analytical thinking of the students in that time.Participating in such real time competitions would give exposure to all participants and would ignite the passion to keep learning new concepts which would definitely help them in the future.

27 September, 2020


500 +

PCSB Investiture Ceremony (2020-21)

The event started by Welcome note by Student Representatives Vinay Nair and Veronica Robert, followed by Introduction to PCSB by Dr. Kavita Sultanpure Ma’am, Introduction to the Activities and Events conducted in the current academic year, Video on past and present events of PCSB, Declaration of various Posts, Speech by Principal Ma’am, Vote of thanks by Prof. Ashwini Jewalikar Ma’am and Prof. Kaustubh Sakhare Sir and concluded by the Vice Presidents Satyajit Roy and Sonal Rao.

10 November, 2020


175 +

CSI Orientation Ceremony (2020-21)

The main aim of the event was to have a brief introduction about CSI, its PICT student branch, its structure and all the past-current and future activities. Dr. Kavita Sultanpure ma’am addressed the event with a welcome note. For giving a gist about PCSB, a video was shown. The information about Computer Society of India (CSI) along with its PICT Student Branch (PCSB) was shared.

10 November, 2020


120 +

Diwali Interview Sessions

PICT CSI Student branch had taken the initiative to conduct interviews with organizations that have been contributing something worthwhile to society and the environment. The interviews were taken with Mr. Ashok Deshmane, founder of Snehwan, which is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the downtrodden and orphan category of children, Mr. Shubham Ghule, working as the leader of operations in Nelda Foundations, which is a non-profit organization and Zeel Patel, who is the president of GirlUp Athena, which is a non-profit organization, with the motive to empower girls, and to give them the confidence and support that every girl needs today.

13 to 15 November, 2020


Initially, the entire club was divided into seven teams consisting of eight members each. Everyone used their personal contacts to get registrations and in order to fill up more participants, the people who had participated in the previous events of the club were also contacted. Every alternate day the scoreboard was released to keep the teams active and encourage them to work.

20 November to 1 December, 2020


65 +

PCSB's New Year Dhamaka

The aim of this event was to make the interaction between the new members of the club. PCSB Event team had organized a fun event for the team members. Various fun events like Memezard of Oz, Capture, Technofy Minds and Never Have I Ever were conducted. The winners were announced along with the Vote of Thanks.

27 December, 2020


75 +

PCSB's FE Carnival

PCSB took the initiative to organize an event to increase the interaction and bonding between the newly joined First Year Engineering Students. It consisted of a few fun activities and SIG sessions which were both fun and good learning experience. It consisted of events like TechnoFrenzy, which had sub events like Quizzards of GA, Cup O'Kode and Technofy Minds, followed by Panel Interview, Official PCSB Orientation and Technical SIG Training.

4 to 9 February, 2021


75 +

PCSB's Snap Hunt

The aim of the event was to increase the bonding between FE’s in a virtual environment. Also, the event was organized by the FE’s, so they are getting hands on experience as well. Participants were divided into groups of 8-10 randomly using MS Teams breakout rooms. Various Technical and Non Technical questions were given, and the participants had to find things or do the task and upload picture/video of themselves with it.

27 February, 2021


120 +

WIDS Pune Conference

A 24 hour virtual conference was held by Women in Data Science(WiDS),Pune on March 8, on occasion of Women’s Day, in collaboration with Stanford University-ICME Department. The PCSB team participated as volunteers. Prominent women personalities in data science from all over the world were invited to speak. We got an opportunity to listen to global influencers, thought leaders and experts selected by WiDS Pune and Stanford University’s WiDS team.

8 March, 2021


54 +

Women’s Day 2021

Women’s Day was celebrated in PICT by PCSB, in collaboration with PICT Art Circle, to honor the women around the world who’ve not only made a significant change in our lives but also impacted people around the world. The honorable and esteemed guest speaker for the event was Leena Patel, who is the founder and CEO of One Soul Army, India’s first autonomous global entrepreneurial system.

8 March, 2021


120 +